Gifts in Action

MPTF is supported by the generosity and involvement of entertainment industry members. Over 4,000 individuals benefit from our services annually. Here are a few ways that we take care of our own every day.

Charitable Operations & Services

MPTF CEO and President Bob Beitcher discusses how funds raised under charitable operations enables MPTF to extend our services even further out into the community.

Country House Fund

MPTF Senior Recreation Therapist Wilson Wong describes how Wasserman Campus residents are cared for through the Country House Fund.

Community Programs Fund

MPTF’s Chief Development Officer Courteney Bailey describes the impact of the services that provide emotional and financial relief to thousands of industry members throughout the region.

Compassionate Care Fund

Linda Healy, Nurse Practitioner, describes the socio-medical services to provide quality of life for those with complex or life-limiting conditions.